Investing in Art

by Asher B. Edelman

On November 6th 2008, January 7th 2009 and February 10th 2009 I mailed some observations on the Art market. In the February 10th email, I showed some statistics comparing Art versus Equities from 2000 through 2008. We have evolved the bar chart below as a graphic presentation of those statistics:

  • A $1 Million Investment from 2000-2008 would yield $1,711,711 if you invested in the Artprice Global Indices, $780,211 if you invested in the Dow Jones Industrial Index, $614,894 if you invested in the S&P 500 Index, and $387,420 if you invested in the NASDAQ Composite Index

 Since the end of 2008 the Art Market has declined some as has the Stock Market. In our letter of January 7th 2009 we pointed out that Art as an asset class has outperformed most other asset classes in times of recession, depression, inflation and war. We believe this performance will prevail over the next years.

Over the last few months we have designed and executed individualized art investment programs for certain of our clients. We are now offering this service to others. Should such a program be of interest to you, please contact Edelman Arts Inc. to set up an appointment.


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