Some Political Musings: Romney at War

We have finally figured out the one issue on which Governor Romney is consistent: War.
  • Make economic war on China for providing goods to the world less-expensively and more efficiently than anyone else.
  • Make war in the Middle East economically and otherwise for those countries not sharing our political and religious views nor, any longer, being interested in American domination.
  • Make war on the poor and middle classes for being poor or dispossessed
  • Use congress as a warrior nation unto itself, aggressively blocking any and all legislation needed to keep America from descending to Third World status.
  • Make war on women, depriving them of their right of choice.
  • Make war on the old and infirm by depriving them of health care and Social Security, the social nets that they have paid for over their lifetimes.
  • Make war on the American taxpayer by weighting the tax obligations of the taxpayers in such a way as to have the middle class bear the brunt of the nation’s tax needs.
  • Make war on the children and young adults by preaching the degradation of our already impaired educational system.
  • Make war? Will the tanks, rockets, bombs and troops be rallied should he be elected? It would certainly serve his masters’ who paid for his election. The profits accruing to the Romney sponsors would be extraordinary. Of course, Dick Cheney’s company, Halliburton, and some other defense players are no longer American companies. The tax burdens and cost of life of such a war would again fall on the shoulders of the lower and middle classes!

Sadly, the only platform on which Governor Romney has spoken clearly is the platform of war!


I chatted with Kerrey last week and the rational folks might want to know a bit about a rational political and economic leader. Some Kerrey opinions on which I think he might act:

  • End the Senate filibuster. It has become a crippling crutch for the weak and uninformed.
  • Consolidate all health care for the young, old, rich, and poor, so that all 300 million Americans receive health care in an orderly and economic manner. Kerrey’s ideas would cut health care spending while enhancing its quality and availability.
  • Grow the middle class by creating tax policies to distribute the burdens fairly.
  • Re-establish the civil rights which are meant to protect all Americans – women, gays, all financial, educational and religious classes, with a careful eye for the rights bestowed upon the nation by the Constitution.
  • Kerrey tells me he is against the continued transfer of taxpayer money to the large banking institutions. He says the bank regulations are too convoluted and need to be simplified, made stronger, and enforced. Too Big to Fail should be a failed concept, as no bank should be allowed to be that big.
  • An emphasis on education will be a Kerrey cause.
Bob Kerrey deserves our support. We need elected officials who think; who think for themselves and are not beholden to either party line. I think this guy can do it. I am linking to a contribution form. Learn more about Kerrey. Send him a contribution. Move towards a more sane government!
Asher Edelman


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