Could it be that the House Republicans have been coached in a plan to close down as much of the US Government as possible for as long a period as possible?


Well, the Libertarian, now Tea Party, has ALWAYS rested on a platform of less government. We now have less government, far less government then in recent history. Are we to become acclimated to less government for as long as possible? When we get used to it will we agree to compromises now untenable to rational thinking people. An interesting strategy – perhaps too interesting to credit to Tea Party thinkers but???


800,000 federal employees don’t really need jobs or paychecks. Why would they? Their contracts have been abrogated – abrogated is the new commitment of the new politics.

National Parks – who ever needed or wanted parks, monuments, children’s playgrounds. Wasteful!

The Statue of Liberty – it’s broken anyway. Why visit it?

Intercollegiate sports competitions between Military Service academies? Who needs the ARMY/NAVY game? The poor chaps just bump their heads anyway.

National Zoos – the animals eat too much and children make too much noise.

Government websites? Full of misinformation anyway!

The IRS not functioning? A boon to the 1% at least.

Food and Drug Inspection. Who needs it? Designed to keep the drug companies profits down.
Why would a government interfere with profits by monitoring safety? Disease control. Infectious diseases are not government responsibility. People should fend off germs on their own.

Antitrust laws – Tea Party stand up and cheer – no one there to pursue anti-trust cases.

Federal Communication Commission – 2% of its employees should suffice.

400,000 Civilian Defense Department folks unnecessary. Think credibility. It’s only 72% of the civilian work force for the defense department not there.

At least the stock market is up. Will we get used to it all?

Crazy! Cuckoo! Strategic??

Asher Edelman

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