A Fighting Chance

Dear Friends,

There has been a long hiatus in my commentary. Some of you, even many of you, have asked why I stopped writing if I really believed my story – that the single largest giveaway ever of taxpayer’s money to any special interest group had taken place channeled by two administrations wishing to cater to and be included in the unintelligentsia golf-club-toting establishment.

Yes, for five years, I wrote about this phenomena and the harm it caused economically and socially. Then, I stopped. I stopped because the press, both news and editorial, picked up the ball and reached out with far more breadth and power than my writing in the wilderness. Yes, the information flowed, but never from the inside, the inside of government.

Now, finally, we get a good part of the whole scoop from the horse’s mouth: Elizabeth Warren’s new book, A Fighting Chance, to be released next week. By now, most everyone knows of the “great giveaway,” programs which stripped middle-class taxpayers for the ostensible purpose of saving the banks and turning the economy. Neither has been accomplished to date. We hope A Fighting Chance serves as an additional wake-up call to end the administration’s economic blundering.

For those of you who like or even dislike my epistles, I have taken up a new cause, one more fascinating than economic blundering. Coming Soon.

Thank you for your kind interest,

Asher Edelman


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