Consider a lease in advance of rising rates


Art Leasing

With rates set to rise, now may be the time to lock-in a low rate lease

After six years of historically low interest rates, a near-term rise in borrowing costs is imminent. In light of all-time highs in the stock market and many other markets – including the art market – now may be the best time to lock in a five-to-ten year lease on an art collection of your choice.

Artemus offers a unique service for collectors and businesses who deem art work to be a worthwhile investment for their homes, offices, and property developments: the opportunity to lease important and significant works of art (with an option to purchase) for little-to-no upfront expense and for a far longer term offered by any art lender.

We count among our clients individuals who maintain numerous storage facilities for their collections and who are interested in accessing longer term liquidity from valuables which they rarely see or enjoy; corporate clients who wish to sell and leaseback collections; and hoteliers and real estate developers seeking token collections for placement within their properties. For each, the leasing models provides an alternative method to financing with added flexibility and duration.  

Should you wish to learn more about art leasing, please feel free to contact us at+1-212-288-8822 or email and someone will respond shortly. We look forward to speaking with you.      


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