Gekko-Edelman. Bernie. Dr. Strangelove. Commander-in-Chief.

Gekko Does Not Support “Dr. Strangelove” or “Commander-in-Chief.”

He Supports Bernie Sanders.

“Why Asher Edelman prefers Trump over Clinton” – CNBC

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by Brian Price

As a showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the White House now seems all but inevitable, one of Bernie Sanders’ most vocal Wall Street supporters delivered a surprising message.

“As frightening, vulgar and high-risk as Donald may be, Hillary’s commitment to the status quo will be the final nail in American economic coffin,” Asher Edelman said to CNBC’s “Fast Money.”

Edelman became a Wall Street legend following a string of hostile takeovers in the ’80s and remains an icon of capitalism. He is probably best-known for being one of the inspirations for Gordon Gekko, the greed-loving villain of Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street.”

Today, Edelman focuses on the secondary art market but remains active in the political arena through his vocal support of self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” Sanders.

“As you’ve had a transfer of wealth to the top and a transfer of income to the top, you have a shrinking consumer base, basically, and you have a shrinking velocity of money,” Edelman explained back in March on “Fast Money.” “Bernie is the only person out there who I think is talking at all about both fiscal stimulation and banking rules that will get the banks to begin to generate lending again as opposed to speculation.”

With Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropping out of the race and a Sanders nomination remaining a major long shot, Edelman responded Wednesday to the prospect of a general election between Clinton and Trump.

“Donald would build our infrastructure very quickly. He’d start with the wall,” explained Edelman, who emphasized that while the concept behind the southern border wall is offensive, the actual construction would be good for the economy. “That would lead to jobs and create some economic velocity.”

Ultimately, Edelman believes that Trump is the better choice for America based on what it would take to achieve financial prosperity.

“Donald is absurd, but he’d still be better for the economy,” Edelman concluded when comparing the policies between Trump and Clinton. “We have an economy that’s falling into to the sea so might as well try something else.”


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