High Art Arrives at the Lobby

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The article below appeared today on the front page of the Art Section of the New York Times. New York real estate developers are turning the city into one wonderful museum space. A very exciting moment for artists and art lovers. Artemus is the premier lease provider of important art to commercial and residential properties.


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High Art Arrives at the Lobby


For most of the last century, residential and commercial developments in New York City tended to marry architecture and art with that kind of ambivalence, if they married them at all: lobbies with a few pretty, unremarkable paintings; courtyards with pleasant design pieces or plop art by sculptors whose work rarely showed up in the museums around town. But the landscape is starting to change, leading to what will soon be an almost walkable itinerary of some serious art in and around Manhattan buildings. Read More


“Art and architecture are often seen as very different things. We also wanted to think about how we could create something that could unite the idea of public art and private art.” 

–Amit Khurana, one of the partners behind the Ando building.


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