En Route To Totalitarianism!

trump salute
Very few of us realize that we are at or in the beginning of a totalitarian state. What do I mean by that? We have a legislative branch that will not legislate nor reign in the irrational strategy of the Executive. We have a Judicial system which is on the cusp of being a rubberstamp for the Executive. We have a President who is a cross between Dr. Strangelove and Erdogan of Turkey. These are the seeds of decline of American democracy. Jeffrey Flake has had the courage to make it clear, in his own way, where the nation is and where it is heading. His speech is worth a very good and careful read regardless of your political, economic or social leanings. We must not let America degenerate further. It is time to push your legislative representatives, your judicial representatives and those who surround the President to understand that the people require their action in this catastrophe for American Democracy.
Jeffery Flake says it all!


Full annotated speech here


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