Asher Edelman Predicts The Future Of The Art Market | ArtTactic Podcast

Dear Friends,
I had the pleasure of speaking with Adam Green on this weeks episode of the ArtTactic Podcast about art finance and my thoughts on the future of the Art Market. Please click the link to listen.
Asher Edelman
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In this week’s episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Asher Edelman, founding member and CEO of Artemus, an art financing and leasing company, joins us to catch-up on the latest activities in the art financing space as well as discuss the current state of the art market. First, Asher reveals the increased lending activity at Artemus and speculates why he believes the art world is more receptive to art financing than it was previously. With the art market starting up again with art fairs, auctions and gallery shows after the annual summer hiatus, Asher tells us why he’s concerned about the short-term future of the art market, in large part due to non-Western collectors potentially leaving the marketplace. Also, Asher reveals why he’s tracking the number of 3rd party guarantors who are winning artworks at auction.


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