Dear All,

Donald Trump, “Autocrat”, is losing support across the broad electoral spectrum, even among Republican legislators. He is completely aware of it, though awareness is not one of his strengths. What will he do? How will we see his future? What will we name it?

The Plunge Protection Plan, an administration program in place to manipulate markets, will not bear fruit for much longer. The stock market, propped up with taxpayer money, has been a stalwart of support for Trump – soon to come to an end. The trade wars with China and our allies rapidly losing favor. “Grab them by the ….” is a statement of the past now out of style. The economy – looking good – sadly, only looking good for the upper 30% of earners – the balance of the population suffering.

The list goes on and on but all is known and clear. What do autocrats do when the popularity options run out? Typically they go to war. Not Trade War, not Cold War, not War on poverty but killing wars. The activities leading up to a war with Iran are undeniable. Who is causing the friction – debatable? The executive powers of “natural emergency” emerging from the “Wall” are minor compared to those executive powers at wartime. Autocrats are rarely displaced in times of war. We are at serious risk of polarizing the world and committing the crime of war to soothe Trump’s ego in an attempt to win back his supporters.

What will the war be called? Will it be known as the “Mueller War”, the “Tax-return War”, the “Donald Junior War”, the “Javanka War”, The “Deutsche Bank War” – a myriad of naming opportunities awaits us.

Now is the moment to contact your elective representatives, yes the Republican ones as well, and make it clear their votes are at risk if they encourage or allow the “Autocrat” to enter the league with the Devil called “WAR”.


Asher Edelman


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