Calling All Whistleblowers


Dear Friends,

Yesterday Donald Trump declared he will not cooperate or, in fact, have anything to do with his impeachment inquiry, a clear indication that the “rule of law” in our country is no longer of interest to the Trump camp. Will it be the same if we go to the 2020 election and he declares elections are not to his liking? Will, should there be an election that he loses, he declare that it is a fake election and he will simply remain as President? When a populist stands against the rule of law it is probable he will breech others and, eventually, all!

Sadly, the Vice President and the cabinet do not have the fortitude to admit that Trump is unfit to serve as President. He is unfit! Those in his party who pretend to care about democracy, deficits, defense, the economy, the respect America has maintained in the World since the Second World War, decency, etc etc etc – cower before Trump’s megalomaniac behavior.

What can we do? We can be rational, careful, accurate, specific and target Mr. Trump in a way that his supporters will recognize the risks they are taking for the country and for their own future well being. The current cause will not achieve this goal. The Ukraine is not of much interest to anyone, let alone Trump supporters. We need more. We need to expose all of the illegal acts of the President and his coterie, not only the Ukraine foray. We need more whistleblowers. Calling all whistleblowers! I will provide some whistles to follow. Let the House know what you know, let the press know what you know, let the populace know what you know.


  • Stock Market manipulation paid for with taxpayer funds and providing inside information to certain Trump supporting institutions.


  • Tax fraud and money laundering.


  • Putin Trump calls and meetings of the past years.


  • Financing from the Saudi contingent et al to Javanka and other Trump coterie.


  • Secret arrangements with Israel to prompt a war with Iran.


  • Payoffs to the ladies and perjury.


  • Trump and Javanka projects benefiting from foreign and domestic sources who receive Trumpblessings. Scottish golf course for U.S. Military visits.


  • Nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.


  • Military defense funds not so allocated to build the “Wall”


The list goes on and on whistle blowers. Please help your country and tell us what you know. It may be your last chance to save democracy, as we knew it pre-Trump.

Thank you, whistleblowers.


Asher Edelman


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