Dear Friends,

I have written to you about ARTBnk in the past. As we are about to move from a BETA state to an ALPHA state – finally commercially available – in days, you are invited to view and use the services free, for now.

ARTBnk has been in development for about three years. Twenty tech folks have labored to bring you a series of amazing services through the ARTBnk site or on the app free at the Apple store. Imagine taking a photograph of a painting (Monet to Condo) submitting it to your ARTBnk account and getting a real time ARTBnk valuation in less than a minute or download a photo from an auction catalogue and know its real value with comparables exhibited. All of this and much more. An art market database – free fully normalized (cleaned) database with full quality photos to see the history of auction sales of thousands of artist – a free service.

Is there an artist you want to follow – to buy or sell? Get free alerts with photos and auction information for any artist who interests you. The sales will be reported on all artists you choose – free.

Should you wish, you can access the most accurate collection management system. An accurate detailed inventory of your collection is available on your desktop or mobile app – free. All of this available to you now by visiting the ARTBnk site or getting the free ARTBnk app at the Apple store. Give us a try.

Asher Edelman

Chairman, ARTBnk


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