Trump Palace

Dear Friends,

Yes, I have been in touch with many of you for so long I feel your friendship. I am wishing and hoping you are all well and dealing with the difficulties and the sadness of these moments with strength, fortitude, and compassion. I know it is a burden, perhaps among the most burdensome periods of our lives. Rest assured that this too will end.


Sadly, we would not be in such extremis had the administration informed us two months previous and prepared for this onslaught. This uncaring, devious, and murderous act is unforgivable. In times of war such war crimes are prosecuted and perpetrators punished. The mad Trump has declared this his war and he is viewed as a war criminal among the people.


Now, that the hospitals, the testing, the health of the populace has been usurped by a deranged despot, we are faced with what to do. Our elected officials are empowered to help (but help who). The mad despot is empowered with grabbed authority, greater than Hitler or Stalin in their early (first three years in power) days.


We are a law-abiding people and, though the administration defies all the laws, we must act lawfully – what to do? – Apply the most extreme pressure and influence on your representatives in government, federal government (the congress – the courts – the servants of the administration from the top of the rulers to the smallest cogs in the wheel. You have been abandoned to illness, poverty, and possible death. Wake up and resist lawfully. The state governments have considerable power under the constitution. Reach out to them as well before that power and state rights are usurped as well. If you miss this moment, we risk the loss of all America has ever stood for and should be – a leader among nations working in cooperation fostering Democracy and wellbeing.


Now to the first current issue at hand. The administration’s greed and congress’s approval of financial grants to special interests sponsored by the Trump administration. These issues need addressing on your part – TODAY – Don’t miss the boat – it’s leaking and will sink if you don’t come to its aid.


First: Trump is using the illness and distress to further his plans to stifle voters and to line his and his “friends” pockets. This is NOW – Monday – not next month.


There are proposals on the table ranging from $1 trillion to $2 trillion. In addition, the $3 trillion already injected into the banking, hedge fund, and financial industry as a whole. Of that $5 trillion all of $500 billion is designated to go to the people who are the backbone of this nation, the 70% of the population who’s income per family averages $50,000 per year. That is 10% of the allocated tax payer funds that will go to the back bone of the population. 90% goes to special interests such as hotels – they have fired their employees – they should get subsides only upon successful conversion to hospitals. Golf courses and similar recreational facilities, they are closed and have fired their employees. Reopen them when the world is healthy again – now the money can be used better elsewhere. Boeing – the world’s airlines are grounded no more planes needed. Close all but the sacred war machine facilities. They have fired their workforce already. Banks – close all but the banking businesses during the time of class struggle – the rest is simply a speculative machine not necessary and not a valid part of providing banking services to the nation. Protect depositors – keep real banking functions but DON’T finance further speculative pursuits put in place by the Clinton administration.


All special interest bailouts should be resisted. Only those companies useful to the entirety of the populace should get assistance. The survival and wellbeing of our people is what is at stake. Later, we can worry about what to rebuild and how.


Money should go to medicine (produced without profit by the pharmaceutical companies), to doctors, nurses, hospitals, test equipment – all of the infrastructure needed to cure the present ills – NOT TO THE PERPETRATOR.


Last but not least, apply maximum pressure to the cabinet members to dismiss Trump as president. They have the right and the duty if he is unfit to lead. That won’t take a lot of reason and proof.


Act now – reach out. Share this now if you can. We need to mobilize in a lawful manner now.


Asher Edelman


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