ARTBnk Price Check: Art Basel VIP Viewing Room


Art Basel VIP Viewing Room

Earlier today Art Basel opened its online viewing rooms to VIP access. To mark the event, we’re launching a series of daily ARTBnk Value checks. In addition to a daily email highlighting a particular gallery’s offerings, we’ll also be posting value checks on Facebook and Instagram throughout the day. Be sure to follow us on social media to see how the offering prices matchup against fair market values, it’s always surprising! You won’t be disappointed.

David Zwirner gallery is among the leading galleries in the world and never disappoints with their Art Basel offerings. This year is no exception. The highlighted artists run the spectrum from the remarkable Bill Traylor (1854 – 1947) who was born into slavery and only during the final decade of his life began to draw and is now considered among the most important American artists of the 20th century to Yayoi Kusama the eccentric Japanese artist whose electrifying works have been at the forefront of the avant-garde since the late 1950s. With such widely different backgrounds the common thread among Zwirner’s roster is greatness.

David Zwirner / Bill Traylor
Gallery Price: Upon Request / ARTBnk Value: $38,368



David Zwirner / Yayoi Kusama
Gallery Price: $3,500,000 / ARTBnk Value: $2,096,372


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