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We all know and have an opinion of how and why Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the Senate for the Supreme Court Justice – old news – old ideas.

Some of you who follow the socio-political–economic aspects of my writings have commented that my work has thinned out, less and less of it. Yes indeed, it has. The news media has carried most of the stories and analysis that I would have written. Since the Trump election the news media has left few stones unturned, whether pro or counter the new regime. Only occasionally I find a vacuum around an activity or an idea about the activity. I write now to fill this hole as to the significance and I believe, the strategy of the Herculean effort and successful conclusion for the sponsors of Judge Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh was swept into place to fulfill the real objective of President Trump and the Republican party – absolute control of the bodies governing the country, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial.  As of today the Trump regime has fulfilled that role. There is surely a strategic plan in place to maintain the total imbalance of power among the governing bodies through the coming election and in perpetuity.

How? More ways than I can count but a few occur to me as I look back and presently at autocratic regimes and the strategies used to arrive at an institutionalized  position of total power. All share one or many of the possibilities embedded in the loss of checks and balances in America today. We are now without the normal checks and balances embedded in the constitution and system of government enshrined by the Founding Fathers.  The first and obviously strategic goal, for the Trump regime will be to make sure that stranglehold remains solid over the balance of his first term – THEN??


HOW to accomplish his goal:


The first and most frequently used technique is to create a true or false emergency – a threat to our country – during the pre election weeks. A declaration of war, without a balance of power, easy fodder for a sitting President, one thinks in fear of all the targets that can be chosen to war against, most likely Iran with Saudi and Israeli support comes to mind, though there are a myriad of possibilities which include Turkey, a further commitment to killings in Yemen, altercations with China a rather limitless list of enemies whose programs conflict with those of the reigning regime. Elections are usually won by the incumbents during periods of a threat of or actual realization of war.

Second in the red states, even some blue states, voters can be turned away at the polls or their votes disqualified for a myriad of  dubious reasons. It would be for the courts – ultimately the Supreme Court to decide the legality of these turn downs.  The lower courts and appellate courts have been well stacked and taken over by the conservative “right.” The Supreme Court – court of last resort – will certainly be amenable, as it has to date, for the “right” to capture election success by any means.

Third, the big guns – the huge money – will be focused by any and all means on winning the House and Senate. There will be no holds barred (legality no longer an issue) in funding the boys of red – not many women running on red tickets. Character assassination, false stories and threats – all of the dirty tricks that money can buy will surface quickly.

There are fourth through fifteenth but the first three suffice for my point. Why – control of the three branches of government, now in the extreme, can lead to control of the government and its processes permanently – clearly the objective of the current regime and its advocates.

The Americans’ risk is to give up “The American Dream” all of what we have known as the possibilities of a good and fair life, family values, the open roads for success and the rest will be closed down other than for the few who are in and/or accept the “New American World,” one of unfairness and proscribed inequality.

The end of a fair society, woman’s rights, voting rights, social security, Medicare, healthcare, minimum wage, environmental protections, monopoly protection, prosecution for corruption, tax fraud etc for friends of the regime, free trade, an independent federal reserve, minority rights, gay rights, education. The list goes on; these are a small sampling of what the new regime hopes to put into effect. Red rule, red power in place.  Taking the legislatures again can keep the reactionaries permanently in place. This is the story of Brett Kavanaugh’s placement in the Supreme Court, not a trivial matter – world changing power play.


Asher Edelman


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