Top Trump appointees promoted selling nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia over objections from national security officials, House Democratic report says

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As you all have been reading lately the Cabinet can rule a President unfit to hold office. If the attached is at all true – and it seems to be – the time is here for a legal, under Article 25, action on the part of the Cabinet and V.P. Pence to effect the removal of our highly dangerous narcissistic President, Donald Trump. Such contemplation as is elucidated in the attached article is madness and madness renders anyone unfit to govern. Those surrounding Trump with the authority to remove him will be responsible, and should be held responsible, should such activities have been accurately conveyed in the attached article.
Asher Edelman
Crown PrinceSaudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman attends a meeting in Islamabad, Pakistan, Sunday. (Bandar Algaloud Handout/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

February 19 at 11:07 AM

The Washington Post

Several current and former Trump administration appointees promoted sales of nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia despite repeated objections from members of the National Security Council and other senior White House officials, according to a new report from congressional Democrats.

The officials who objected included White House lawyers and H.R. McMaster, then the chief of the National Security Council. They called for a halt in the nuclear sales discussions in 2017, citing potential conflicts of interest, national security risks and legal hurdles.

Yet the effort to promote nuclear sales persisted, led by retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who served briefly as President Trump’s national security adviser, and more recently by Energy Secretary Rick Perry. The possible nuclear power sale was discussed in the Oval Office as recently as last week.

Details about these internal White House battles are contained in a 24-page report released Tuesday morning by Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.), chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee. The report is based on documents obtained by the committee and the account of unnamed whistleblowers inside the White House who said they were distressed at the continual effort to sell the power plants.

Committee Republicans said Tuesday they were not included in the drafting of the detailed report and had not received a copy until Monday night. They said they had not had a chance to fully assess it.

The report includes a wide range of allegations and suggests the involvement of a long list of high-profile people in Trump’s orbit.



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