Why Trump Should Be Impeached

Dear Friends,

On December 18th, 2018 I conveyed to you a paper (Decency and Democracy) written by one of the great attorneys in the U.S. We agreed at that time and once again that he would remain anonymous for the safety and security of his family and himself. My friend is neither healthy nor young and cannot be subjected to the drubbing of the Trump camp. The boys, Donald included, can pick on someone else. They will certainly seek out a scapegoat. Brace yourselves for a calm rational analysis of the criminal president, Donald Trump.

Asher Edelman

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Why Trump Should Be Impeached

The United States is, and has been, a country of immigrants. It began as a vast area that hosted native Indians. Columbus, and other adventurers from European lands, were explorers. Explorers who came to America were settlers of many different classes, ambitions, homesteaders, and risk takers. Over the course of time and discovery, this new land was found to straddle both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and to harbor the immigrants who became the backbone of a nation. These immigrants of many traditions, languages, laws, and cultures, raised this country to great heights.


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