“The Economic Consequences of the Great Crash”

Trump and Hoover

Dear Friends,


In 1961, about 60 years ago, I wrote the attached. I am re-publishing it for you now because there are many similarities, too many, between the period of the crash through the 1930s and now. Hitler had to come to power through the demise of the German economy and wasn’t leaving. Herbert Hoover, a self loving not very intelligent buffoon was in charge of the United States along with a befuddled republican party. The Smut Harley Bill went through Congress and virtually ended all international trade. What you will read, should you read, in my sometimes sophomoric essay was the circus and the results of that circus for a 10 year period. You could even say 12 year period. The devastation of the United States and the world economy, unnecessary and driven by vain stupidity.




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